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The Random Ramblings of a Fallen Angel

And Other Such Tales

6 February
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Oh, bugger.
I'm so not good at this part.
Um....I'm eccentric and kinda emo, and a bit of a closet goth. I love haute couture, Starbucks, and my iPod. HIM is the greatest band on earth, and Ville Valo is God. If you disagree, oh well. Writing poetry keeps me sane, lack of concerts makes me crazy, and there is nothing quite like a mimosa and a cigarette first thing in the morning. I feel naked without polish on my toes, Chanel mascara is the bomb, ravens are deeply misunderstood, and I tried to fix my heart with duct tape but it didn't work. My favorite song ever is The Path. If you haven't heard it, it will change your life. It did mine, at least. So yeah. Pretty damn random, huh? LOL